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The success of your brand is directly proportional to the amount of trust and goodwill that you have in the marketplace. Trust and goodwill has a significant impact on your market position and your brand and a company’s market position and brand is one of its greatest assets.  Trust and goodwill can be built in a number of ways including the effectiveness of your product, overall value that you provide relative to the cost, or the messaging that you use to position yourself in your marketplace.

When you can create messaging that both promotes your product and builds your goodwill, it’s incredibly effective. Storytelling through video is a powerful way to accomplish this. Stories of the impact that you have had on the community or heartfelt testimonials from your customers engage and inspire your audience.

We love to do this type of commercial video production and it’s exactly what we did for Sunpower’s holiday spot. The simple message in this video showed the massive environmental impact that the company has had on the world. While the video promotes the company, the message is about the goodwill that they have created through their work.

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