Vision and experience

Founder, Creative Director Stacy Nimmo

For Stacy Nimmo, video has a unique appeal. It captures the key parts of communication that words leave behind, which carries a deeper significance for Stacy. He had a rather unconventional youth, traveling around the world with his family. His parents would teach in far off university campuses and then travel the world during the summer.

Before the time of online translators, non–verbal communication was the only thing he could rely on. A smile or a grimace was enough communication to get things started. Today, this form of non-verbal communication is just as effective as it has always been and is the driving force in Stacy’s creative process.

After studying art history then film at Parsons in New York, he was fortunate enough to land a job a Miramax Films where he got to put his non-verbal fluency to the test trying to figure out what the heck Bob and Harvey Weinstein were talking about. This carried over into crafting their vision into elaborate marketing campaigns for their fledging films from Cinema Paradiso to Pulp Fiction.

Freshly anointed from his early good fortune, he hopped around a variety of high profile entertainment networks including Sony, HBO, MTV, SyFy and a slew of others before hanging his own shingle with the founding Otherland. Being a small company, Otherland focused on creativity and people more than expensive machines and fancy graphics.

Visiting a friend in Sausalito in 2002, he immediately fell in love with the Bay Area, moving there shortly thereafter. Buying a boat before a house and finding himself on the waves more often than the office was a great reset after the living with the pace of Manhattan for 12 years.

This laidback lifestyle didn’t last long though. East Coast clients came calling and West Coast clients soon joined in and Otherland reopened opened in San Francisco. Otherland continued to grow, combining world class talent in a balancing act of creativity and process.