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Founder & Director Stacy Nimmo

Video has a unique ability to capture key elements of communication that words leave behind. Growing up on far off continents, Stacy found non–verbal communication was not only the best, but often the only way to communicate. A simple gesture, like a smile, was enough to open the door to a new friendship or new ideas.

After returning to the US he continued to explore non-verbal communication first with a BA in art history, then studying film at Parsons in New York. Fresh from school, Miramax Films brought Stacy on board to help promote films like Pulp Fiction and Madonna’s Truth or Dare. Expanding his creative toolset, Stacy later teamed up with Telezine, brining together live-action, graphics, and 3D in award-winning broadcast campaigns for HBO, MTV, VH1, USA, SyFy, and others.

Stacy moved to San Francisco to apply the thrift and creativity of broadcast design to technology companies. With 25 years of experience and a strong background in design, live-action, and post-production, Stacy has an unparalleled end to end creative vision.

When he’s not working, you’ll often find Stacy covered in sawdust and trying to bring IoT to ridiculous levels. Recent triumphs include integrations of Harry Potter’s spells into Alexa and home automation that to the delight of his ten-year-old son, now function to run all the lights red and start all the fireplaces (Insendiosa), and douse the house with water from the Rachio sprinklers (Aguamenti).  Given a chance, he will happily go on at length about how to kluge this all together.

Surfing, Hobie Cat sailing, and tennis are also on the after-hours agenda, as well as coaching whatever sport his son happens to favor, though he admits this is getting a bit tough now that it’s more than a cheerleading role.