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Many businesses today are realizing that we live in a trust economy. For reasons still being debated by experts, we simply don’t trust people or companies as willingly as we used to. A generic marketing campaign or testimonials from unknown people accomplish little in today’s marketplace.

Consumers today are far more likely to use a product or service that was recommended to them by someone they know and trust. This is where the power of storytelling through video really shines through.

Through storytelling, rapport can be built and information can be delivered in way that builds trust in your brand. These stories provide you with trust currency that can be exchanged to directly market your brand.

Stories told by well-known customers are a great way to build trust. These are some of the best corporate videos that can be produced since consumers know that well-known brands are unlikely to willingly associate themselves with subpar products.

A recent example of this is the video we produced for Box, where one of their customers, Livingsocial, spoke about how they were using the product within their own company. This is how you build trust within your marketplace.

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