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In marketing, your messaging is important, but the way you deliver that message is just as, if not more important.

With video advertising, the visual element of the message can communicate far more than the words of the voiceover or the text on the screen. Video goes beyond words.

It probably wouldn’t take long for you to think of recent examples in your own life where the visual elements of a video had an impact on you. It’s not just you either. There are numerous psychological studies that show how visuals effect the message that we actually receive.

How then do you decide on how to present the visual elements of your message? Is motion graphics or live action video best? Both formats can be equally effective, but the best choice will depend three factors – your brand, messaging and trust.


What style fits your brand best? Certain styles play well to live action and other are better portrayed through motion graphics.

Motion graphics is about creating a video with a visual style that leverages your brand and style guide, including colors, fonts and overall look and feel.

Brand for live action is not as easily identifiable, thought it can be captured in personality and tone. Think of how you would describe your brand if it was a friend of yours. What would their personality be like? How would they act?


The actual message you’re trying to communicate will also help determine the best format. Facts and figures can be relayed more easily through motion graphics. Live action is better to portray emotion.

How Important is Trust?

The non-verbal cues in live action lend themselves well to building trust. Trust can be built through animation, but, you’re much more limited.

Making the Right Choice

Every situation is unique. Some products and brands lend themselves to to motion graphics. Products like ToutApp are a great example of this while testimonials and product stories, such as Livingsocial and Box, work well through live action video.

Now look at the brand, messaging and trust element for your own campaign. Which video format is the best fit for you?


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