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Nonverbal communication is powerful. The vast majority of our communication happens not through the words that we speak but the auditory and visual cues that accompany them.

For years, psychologists have studied the effect that visual elements have on people’s emotions. Repeated studies have shown that something as simple as color impacts emotions. Some well known examples are the use of red in many fast food chains. Red has been shown to stimulate hunger.

Likewise, many luxury brands use black and white or gold and silver. This isn’t accidental. These palettes convey a sense of luxury.

For any form of video production, this psychological factor must be kept in mind. The overall visual of the production is a large part of the message being communicated.

See the spot we created from Symantec as an example. Specific colors are intentionally used to reinforce the concepts presented in the video as well as reinforce the overall branding.

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