How do you say….

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We like to leverage constant as much as possible, and part of that is localization. One big variable on that is how much more (or less) time it takes to get through your script in other languages. We thought we share a few results.

Arabic 20%
French 15%
German 20%
Hebrew -20%
Hindi 20%
Italian 15%
Japanese -20%
Korean -10%
Portuguese 20%
Russian 15%
Spanish 20%

The Trust Economy

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Many businesses today are realizing that we live in a trust economy. For reasons still being debated by experts, we simply don’t trust people or companies as willingly as we used to. A generic marketing campaign or testimonials from unknown people accomplish little in today’s marketplace.

Consumers today are far more likely to use a product or service that was recommended to them by someone they know and trust. This is where the power of storytelling through video really shines through.

Through storytelling, rapport can be built and information can be delivered in way that builds trust in your brand. These stories provide you with trust currency that can be exchanged to directly market your brand.

Stories told by well-known customers are a great way to build trust. These are some of the best corporate videos that can be produced since consumers know that well-known brands are unlikely to willingly associate themselves with subpar products.

A recent example of this is the video we produced for Box, where one of their customers, Livingsocial, spoke about how they were using the product within their own company. This is how you build trust within your marketplace.

Building Brand Trust and Goodwill

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The success of your brand is directly proportional to the amount of trust and goodwill that you have in the marketplace. Trust and goodwill has a significant impact on your market position and your brand and a company’s market position and brand is one of its greatest assets.  Trust and goodwill can be built in a number of ways including the effectiveness of your product, overall value that you provide relative to the cost, or the messaging that you use to position yourself in your marketplace.

When you can create messaging that both promotes your product and builds your goodwill, it’s incredibly effective. Storytelling through video is a powerful way to accomplish this. Stories of the impact that you have had on the community or heartfelt testimonials from your customers engage and inspire your audience.

We love to do this type of commercial video production and it’s exactly what we did for Sunpower’s holiday spot. The simple message in this video showed the massive environmental impact that the company has had on the world. While the video promotes the company, the message is about the goodwill that they have created through their work.

Non Verbal Elements Make Up the Vast Majority of Our Communication

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An oft quoted statistic is that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. This number is based on research performed through multiple studies. It’s also anecdotally true for most. Nearly everyone can remember a time where there was a disagreement over a misunderstood text message or email. These digital messages can’t convey body language or tone of voice.

Researchers estimate that 55% of our communication is through visual cues such as facial expressions or posture and 38% is through vocal elements such as tone of voice. The remainder, just 7%, is the actual words that we use.

That’s why it’s so important to us as a professional marketing video production house to create effective non-verbal elements in the video that we produce. These non-verbal elements are the largest part of the messaging by far.

This message doesn’t have to be complex. See the spot we created for The Inner City Scholarship Fund. We used stop motion animation to create a fun picture of the work that the organization is performing. Not a word of dialog is spoken, yet the message is crystal clear.

The Power of Transparency in Storytelling

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True stories connect with people. A sense of vulnerability and transparency builds trust in your brand. It shows that you don’t have anything to hide. It shows that there are real people behind your brand. You are no longer a faceless product or company; you are real people connecting with other real people in your marketplace.

There’s a saying that goes, “Facts tell. Stories sell.” People don’t connect with facts. They connect with stories. Your stories can actually shape the way that someone thinks.

Authentic stories told through live action video are far more powerful than a marketing message told through other methods like 3d animation, motion graphics, or character animation. See the “behind the scenes” video we produced for Benefit Cosmetics.

Team members are telling their stories through their own words. The shots are candid in nature. It feels real, transparent and authentic and that’s what makes it effective.